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Solutions Marketing 1 Provides Cost-Effective Online & Traditional Marketing Solutions Focused on Serving 1-99 Employee Businesses in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area!

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Do any of those questions sound familiar?  Don’t give up!  We solve growth problems with cost-effective “entrepreneurial” online & traditional marketing solutions focused on serving 1 – 99 employee businesses in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area.

Why put solution ahead of marketing?

The importance of putting the solution ahead of the marketing is simply common-sense.  Why spend 1 dime, before you have a concrete step-by-step plan to achieve your goals.  By the way, you do have a goal don’t you?  If not, our copyrighted 6-Step Methodology will help you discover the one(s) most important for you!

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en·tre·pre·neu·ri·al  mar·ket·ing:  Overcomes obstacles by using innovative, proactive approaches without regard to limited resources!

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Unhappy With Your Business Momentum?

Are You Experiencing . . .

    • Slow or no growth?
    • Few or no leads?
    • Customer list not growing?

And Are You . . .

    • Busy with a limited marketing budget?
    • Confused by all the marketing jargon?
    • Not sure what to do first?

You’ve come to the right place!

Solutions Marketing 1 solves those kinds of growth problems and more by either building or making your website effective then adding the right marketing tools for your unique situation. Cost-effectively! We specialize in serving the “entrepreneurial” online & traditional marketing needs of 1 – 99 employee businesses in the Minneapolis, St. Paul Metro area.  By employing our copyrighted 6-Step Methodology, we analyze, plan then implement cost-effective marketing strategies, drawing upon a full suite of online and traditional tools, techniques and ideas, to build awareness into leads and prospects and those leads and prospects into customers and revenue.

Whether it is building a new website or making your current site more effective, video marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, online advertising, TV advertising, radio advertising, print advertising, direct mail or other combinations of online and traditional marketing, let’s analyze your growth problem, create a plan then implement an entrepreneurial solution.

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What is marketing? Simply put, it’s to gain a customer! The game has not changed, just the venue. Marketing, due to technology, has undergone a transition.

Marketing advancements offer two main benefits:

  • Unprecedented access to customers and prospects.
  • Dramatically lower costs to reach customers and prospects.

“Picture standing on a knee hi platform surrounded by a sea of people. As you look around at the many, many faces, look . . . there . . . 100 feet out someone is standing head and shoulder above the rest. Why does that person catch your attention? Because she stands out from the crowd! That, in a picture is the marketing we can do for you!” Ray Svobodny

Increasing profit is the bottom line! In a crowded market and difficult economic environment, your business needs to differentiate itself from competitors while simultaneously making customers aware of the value you offer. Value can be demonstrated through marketing but “entrepreneurial” cost-effective online & traditional marketing solutions are friendlier to the bottom line.

In all likelihood you are reading this because you have a growth problem:  Get the growth GROWING!
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“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”   ~ Walt Disney