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Solving Growth Problems With Cost-Effective Marketing Solutions!

Solutions Marketing 1 specializes in solving growth problems by analyzing, planning, implementing then reviewing cost-effective marketing solutions, drawing upon a full suite of strategies, products, ideas and tools, for 1-99 employee companies in the greater Minneapolis – St. Paul metropolitan area.

As a 1-99 employee business owner or manager, you are busy with a never-ending to-do list and a tightened budget preventing an in-house marketing department. Sound familiar?

We can become part of your team, an affordable marketing department extension by utilizing our copyrighted 6-step methodology.

Step 1: Identify and prioritize goals, a service that we offer at no charge.

Step 2: Gathering information is the second step in developing a PLAN of action.

Step 3: Analyzing information identifies strengths and risks.

Step 4: Propose a solution, a clear path toward your goals.

Step 5: Taking action helps reach marketing goals.

Step 6: Review / reevaluate to track and adjust progress.

May I ask, have you ever gone on a cross-country car trip – say to Disney World, Yellowstone or somewhere else distant? Did you use GPS or a map? Why? Because you wanted to get to where you were going. GPS or a map point to your destination, a marketing plan to your profit goal.  What’s your plan?


Ray D. Svobodny, President, Solutions Marketing 1 an Online & Traditional Marketing Services Company

Ray Svobodny has over 40 years of entrepreneurial marketing experience developing & building companies

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