Kitchen+Safe Service Company

Case Study:  Building out a Single Service Business Into a Multi-Service Commercial Kitchen Fire Protection Business.

The Brief

Build-out fresh concept utilizing tiny existing single-focus business unit as a platform to add related services.

The Traditional Way

Purchase and assemble multiple businesses into offering with attendant costs and risks.

The Solutions Marketing 1 Way

To build-out a unique, multi-service commercial kitchen fire protection business from a tiny single-focus unit, the pulse of commercial kitchen owners and operators and the strengths and weaknesses of a competitive landscape and macro-economic conditions had to be considered.

Based on findings, develop a new division to service the fire protection and life safety needs as required by fire code, OSHA and insurance standards for the institutional and commercial kitchen market. Bundle into silver, gold and platinum annual service packages, services typically provided by two or three separate vendors making for a 1-stop vendor with technicians carrying a high level of training and certification. An unheard of approach at the time!

Growth ensued due to the marketing solutions of public relations and positioning of an acknowledged and widely acclaimed expert to introduce the concept to extremely influential municipal fire chiefs. Developed a sales process system that included face-to-face sales calls, targeted institutional direct mail, print advertising in specialized periodicals and trade shows. Achieved a 33% first-year sales increase, while increasing total accounts by 68%.


Kitchen+Safe Service Company

[img src=]630Direct Mail Piece
Example of direct mail piece sent to commercial kitchen operators.
[img src=]20Commercial Kitchen Services Schematic
Custom created worksheet used to standardize commercial kitchen fire code service quotations.
[img src=]30Fire Code Requirements
A piece developed to illustrate commercial kitchen fire code requirements.
[img src=]30Self Return Mailer
Self return mailer used in various marketing venues for ease of requesting contact.
[img src=]10Authority Building Published Article
Authority building published fire code article.
[img src=]10Authority Building Published Article
Authority building published article.
[img src=]10Authority Building Press Release
Authority building press release.

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