Total Fire Alarm & Security, Inc.

Case Study:  Online & traditional marketing solutions delivered to Total Fire Alarm & Security!

The Brief

Create a cost-effective online and traditional marketing strategy for Total Fire Alarm & Security, Inc. a Business-2-Business client that did not have a marketing strategy or web presence.

The Traditional Way

Busy company’s with little time and lack of technical knowledge interview various marketing firms then hire the one that offers the lowest cost.

The Solutions Marketing 1 Way

By offering a cost-effective approach and strategic plan, management is fully educated about their options.  Most importantly, by utilizing our copyrighted 6-Step Methodology a proven process is followed giving confidence about the outcome.

  • Step 1: Identify and prioritize goals
  • Step 2: Gather marketing & business information
  • Step 3: Carefully analyze the gathered information
  • Step 4: Solve the case, create a solution
  • Step 5: Implement solution
  • Step 6: Review, reevaluate & adjust.  Keep what works, discard what doesn’t.

A key element after designing a plan is to fully educate management; explaining in detail the logic underlying the plan, answering questions and concerns in a pithy manner.  In other words, communicate; but in a style that recognizes busy calendars and delivered in plain English, which is greatly appreciated as  most executives are not technicians.

The result of this process, is a website that meets all the required criteria, and a Phase II marketing plan that offers to continue the momentum.

Total Fire Alarm & Security, Inc. Testimonial

We have been in business for more than 10 years serving B2B fire & life-safety customers. During that period we did not have a website or any online & traditional marketing strategies. After interviewing 6 marketing companies, we selected Solutions Marketing 1 because of their cost-effective comprehensive approach & remarkable marketing & business experience. After a thought-provoking analysis & comprehensive plan they delivered a complete website including video, social media & an effective campaign to let our customers, vendors & business community know about our new site, within budget & on-time.

A very impressive feature is their prompt follow up & communication. Additionally, after delivering Phase I, they offered a broad economical Phase II program encouraging us to continue our marketing momentum. We are delighted in our relationship & highly recommend them.

Rob Gorke
Total Fire Alarm & Security, Inc.
2380 Wycliff St, Suite 110
St. Paul, MN 55114