Your Customer is the Reason We Created Our 6-Step Marketing Methodology!

How our 6-Step Methodology works!

1. Identify
The first step is to help you identify, clarify then prioritize your marketing goals.

2. Gather
The second step in developing a PLAN of action to realize marketing goals is to gather information about your current marketing / business situation.  Having enough information about your present situation and future goals is critical to the recommendations we provide.

3. Analyze
After analyzing your information, we will identify the strengths and risks of your marketing situation and propose recommendations tailored specifically to your needs, both now and in the future.  The recommendations will help make you aware of your alternatives and include steps to take in-order to put your marketing plan into action.

4. Solve
The solution we present will consider a full suite of both online and traditional strategies, products, ideas, and tools customized for each case; the plan drives the tools, tools do not drive the plan.  We solve your case and recommend a solution, in short, we call this “Solvutions!™”

5. Action
Taking action is an important part of the process to help you reach your marketing goals.  Our commitment is to give you the information you need to make your plan real and actionable.

6. Review
Over the course of our relationship, we’ll track your progress toward your goals, working together to address changes in your business life or priorities.  Our clients find this ongoing process helpful because it lets us look at their situation more comprehensively and regularly.

We truly believe our comprehensive approach is the best method to help you reach your marketing goals.


  1. What we propose must make sense and help you reach your marketing goals!
  2. Our recommendations need to be appropriate to your marketing situation!
  3. The plan must be affordable!